Lauren Midgley


Lauren Midgley has been a Toastmaster since 2001, where she  began her journey to improve her speaking skills. In 2010, she re-joined and completed the highest Toastmaster certification as a Distinguished Toastmaster.
Also in 2010, Lauren left her corporate career of 25+ years working for two Fortune 500 companies, to start her own consulting and speaking business. She works with high achieving
business owners interested in obtaining even more results through focused effort, leading to more profits and personal satisfaction.
Lauren is a highly sought after speaker on the topic of Productivity. She has spoken to over 400 groups over the past four years with her engaging and interactive style. Lauren has published three books, with the latest one released in late 2015 —It’s 6 a.m. and I’m Already Behind: Strategies to Get Caught Up!.
She lives in the DFW area, a single mom with two college kids, and enjoys speaking. Lauren has her undergraduate business degree from Arizona State and a MBA from Golden Gate University.

Key Topics to Book Lauren for:
Productivity, Leadership, Time Management, Team Communication

Signature Presentations
Overcome the Overwhelm
What is causing our overwhelmed feeling
Adopting The Productive Mindset™
3 Strategies that can make a significant difference
You are a Manager, but are you a Leader?
Three critical elements to understanding your role
The number one mistake most managers make
Four steps to being a successful, effective leader
Productivity: Maximizing your Time and Communication
Leading others through your example
Strategies on email, distractions and interruptions that work
Why your mastery of this topic matters

Additional Services
Customized Keynote
Meeting Facilitator
Master of Ceremonies
Breakout Session Leader

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